Wirescan AS provides products and services for diagnosis and condition assessment of electrical cables.

Wirescan's patent pending LIRA technology is the engine behind the main professional services we provide with: 
  • Cable Fault Location
  • Cable Condition Assessment
  • Cable Quality Assurance
Wirescan's superior technology could only be achieved by the fuelling LIRA's unique technology with high competence and analytical skill of our service engineers.
Performing LIRA measurements on cable systems and grids enables the operator to precisely identify and dimension the necessary actions:
  • Enables high availability at reduced total cost of ownership by delaying investments (CAPEX) and provides guidelines for efficient maintenance (OPEX).
  • Survey to reveal which cables to be replaced and why.
  • Cut and replace part of cables in use (as alternative to full replacement).
  • Creation of historic data file with reference measurements in recurring service agreement.
  • Direct link to expertise for in depth analysis, diagnostics and technical support.