Wirescan brings cable assessment and monitoring
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    Reduce Costs

    Many industries have experienced that going from a Fail & Fix to a Predict & Prevent operation, brings a wealth of cost savings. The cable network business has lagged behind this development for a simple reason – there has until now been no  comprehensive and affordable technology available to provide online condition monitoring, which is the basis for condition-based maintenance.  Wirescan is now, however, changing this with its patented and proven technology.
    Digital systems influence OPEX positively and increase reliability and predictability.  Improved control of the day-to-day operations helps optimising the size and management of the operational and maintenance teams.

    In a situation where operators have insufficient information to choose between replace and repair, and they are left to just hope for the best, financial risk is introduced.  If the cable is replaced too early, CAPEX will be higher than necessary.  If the cable is replaced too late, OPEX will be higher than necessary.

    Downtime is accompanied by penalties in addition to loss of income.  Being able to plan downtime based on solid information will help the operator manage and predict also this cost.

    Optimize Operations

    Operational excellence requires a process focused mindset and the ability to take informed operational decisions at all times. Decisions are based on various sources of data or triggered by actual events in the cable network. If the data quality is low, downside protection and contingency planning become very important.  In a cable network, lack of quality data introduces operational risk that can be reduced by investing early enough to avoid breakdowns, installing redundancy or by having a very efficient repair capability that quickly fixes faults as they appear.
    By providing high quality online data, build a database, apply analytics and carry out trend analyses, the operator can rely less on downside protection and contingency.  He will, instead, have a tool that allows condition-based maintenance, ensures efficient asset management, ensures full utilization of available cable life, and provides valuable and critical information for life extension decisions.

    And if a cable for some reason fails, Fast Fault Location enabled by Wirescan’s technology will reduce the downtime to a minimum.

    Predict & Prevent

    A “Fail & Fix” model is basically firefighting.  More time and effort go in to creating procedures rather than processes.  In a “Predict & Prevent” model, the fact that the operator will know well in advance where faults are more likely to occur puts him in a position to introduce condition-based maintenance.
    As has been demonstrated in other industries, condition-based maintenance reduces downtime and maintenance cost while it improves equipment performance and increases asset life. Instead of being on “fire duty”, operations teams can spend their energy on prioritizing actions, ensure safe operations, preserve asset value and minimise environmental impact.

    Wirescan’s solution is prepared for full integration with the operator’s other management and operations systems and will bring the organisation a big step forward in managing its business and assets.

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