We will digitalize and bring cable assessment online!
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    The people of Wirescan understand all aspects of cable condition monitoring and how a digitalized online service will put our customers in a position to improve the way they manage their cable network assets.  We are a diversified team of professionals that understand that our people are the most important asset.  Without a visionary, caring and proud team, we would remain theory.  This team will keep our customers ahead of the curve.

    Morten Huseby

    “This team will provide better sleep at night for cable network operators.”


    +47 957 43 470

    Tatjana Alexa Sadyrina

    VP Business Development
    “The magic starts when our customers see that we are really understanding their situation and that we are determined to help on their own terms.”


    +47 960 02 296

    Vidar Bergli

    VP Sales
    “We pride ourselves in delivering what the customer expects – and perhaps a bit more.”


    +47 959 39 500

    Anders Are Berger

    “We are down-to-earth people focusing on doing a good job for our customers.”


    +47 952 55 832

    Abdul Wahab Majeed

    “We believe in always changing for the better”


    +47 457 82 299

    Anthony Manet

    R&D Engineer
    “We pride ourselves of staying ahead of the technology development”


    +47 941 33 740

    Morten Larsen

    Development Engineer
    “It is not whether to digitalize.  It is about prospering in an already digitalized world.”


    +47 413 25 253

    Paolo Franco Fantoni

    Principal Technology Adviser
    “Dreams, hard work, stubbornness and a little luck turns theory into technology that actually works.”


    +39 340 154 1311

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    A passionate technologist at one of the world’s leading research institutes paved the way for Wirescan to become the digital enabler for cable monitoring applications.
    A competent and determined team is now ready to help visionary operators of electric cable operators stay ahead of a changing game.

    Through products based on its proprietary LIRA technology, Wirescan provides high-value cable condition information to owners and operators of mission critical electrical cables and cable networks.


    We will become the leading provider of cable condition information by providing online solutions fully integrated with the customers’ operational, management and strategic systems.  

    The basis for our technology has been developed over many years by passionate and visionary technologists.  Now, the Wirescan team is ready to take the company to the next level and become one of the most important enablers of digitalized online cable assessment.

    Board of Directors

    Jørn Bergeland, Såkorninvest II
    Gert Wrigge, Next47
    Tyler Durham, Schlumberger
    Tomas Eric Nordlander, IFE



    Next47 Services GmbH – 35.87%

    Såkorninvest II AS  – 23.19%

    Schlumberger BV – 20.18%

    IFE Invest AS – 13.8%

    Wirescan AS
    Wirescan AS
    Disrupting cable network operations

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