LIRA Portable


NOTE: The LIRA Portable is discontinued.
The LIRA Acquire is the available data acquistion tool. Please follow THIS LINK to view the LIRA Acquire!

LIRA Portable is a unique Cable Condition Monitoring & Assessment Tool that provides valuable information of the condition of your cables. By using the non-destructive LIRA test method, LIRA® Portable can measure all kinds of electrical cables, ranging from less than 50 meters to several hundred kilometers. LIRA Portable is sensitive to small impedance changes in the insulation material, which allows an early indication of challenging areas, detecting and localizing single and multiple faults/damages/failures and their severity.

LIRA Portable allows you to monitor the global, progressive degradation of the cable insulation

and cable conductor, caused by either harsh environment conditions, or mechanical stress.

This safe and easy to use measurement tool provides risk management and cost control to all parties involved during the life time of a cable.

  • Quality control of supplied and installed cable
  • Monitoring during installation – repair immediately
  • Plan maintenance and repairs versus high costs at surprising cable break downs
  • Plan maintenance of cables – replacement regime
  • Accurate location of failures lowers search cost
  • Quality control when third party is involved
  • Allocation of responsibility at time of failure

How does it work

The LIRA Portable is easily connected to two cores (e.g. conductor and screen) of the cable. A frequency sweep of 10 000 different frequencies is applied to the cable and the system collect the cable information in 1-2 minutes. The same test can be repeated at different frequency bandwidths to collect more information about the cable. The data collected can/will be analyzed off-line by a trained operator, and the cable condition is provided in a build-in report generator,


  • LIRA Potable unit
  • LIRA Software Package
  • Charging Unit, 110/220V
  • Windows Installation Disc
  • 2 pcs Probe, 0.5 and 1.0 m
  • 2 pcs Alligator Clamps
  • Calibration Certificate
  • CE Certificate, LIRA Portable
  • LIRA Portable User Guide (installed)
  • Spare Fuse
• Built-in industrial PC• No need for external PC to collect and analyze cable data
• Runs on battery or AC powered• Four hour battery operation without the need for AC power for use in remote locations
• 9.7” sunlight readable touch screen and rugged design• Easy operation in challenging light conditions
• Rugged design, IP67 closed• Measurements possible in harsh environments
• Total weight less than 10kg• Easy transportation and possible to hand carry on flights
• Two USB connections• Convenient transfer of report or measurement files to laptop or USB stick
• Ethernet connection• Perform remote operation, receive remote expert support, file transfers and product upgrades through the Internet
• Built-in report generator• Provide an easy to understand, on-site report of the cables condition, with key parameters shown
• Hardware optimized software• User-friendly adjustments of measurement settings and parameters such as conductor size, insulation type, cable length, etc
• Local database• Cable data and result files stored locally on LIRA Portable for playback and later optimization of measurement result

A Breakthrough in cable assessment