LIRA Training

The LIRA diagnostic system, both hardware and software, are designed to provide the user extensive knowledge of the condition of the cable, or provide accurate location of a cable fault. This is achieved by utilizing all the features of the LIRA system in collecting and analyzing cable data. An operator that has to be trained on the LIRA system performs this.

Wirescan is doing the LIRA training to clients who has purchased a LIRA unit, but the training is also for clients that want to get a better understanding of LIRA and the value that LIRA provides. The training is performed during 3 days at the Wirescan premises in Norway, and consist of both theoretical and practical training on LIRA:

The training includes:

    • Cable theory
    • LIRA theory and technology
      • What can LIRA do?
      • Cable aging mechanisms
      • Cable monitoring with LIRA
    • Practical use of LIRA
      • LIRA cable data acquisition
      • LIRA tests and analysis is performed on selected lab cables
      • LIRA analyses is performed on data collected from cables in operation

The LIRA training is necessary to understand and utilize the features of the LIRA tool. Customers that purchases the LIRA tool should send all their operators to the three days LIRA training to take full advantage of the LIRA cable diagnostic tool.

Also customers that do not have the LIRA tool, but only want to know more about the LIRA technology will benefit from participating.

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