LIRA Software

The LIRA software is the brains of the LIRA system. Complex algorithms and calculations make up the basis for the software, and a graphical user interface provides control and results representation.
The main features of the LIRA software are:

  • Analysis
    A power results analysis tool for interpretation of measurement results. The analysis tool provides a comprehensive set of parameter controls that helps the user to determine the condition of the measured cable.
  • Measurements
    Controlling the LIRA hardware, LIRA Portable or LIRA Aquire, and providing the Analysis engine with the measured results, the complex impedance. Several paramteres can be set in the hardware in order to math the data acqusition to the cable under test such as cable length, velocity ratio, frequency range and sampling points.
  • Database
    All measurements are categorized in projects and cables. Cables are assigned to projects, and all measurements made on the relevant cable is automatically assigned to relevant project. The database keeps full control of all projects, cables and measurements, and makes it easy to reference measurements made today with measurements made yesterday.
  • Simulator
    If there is need to understand a specific cale before an important measurement, a simulation of that cable can provide valuable information. The simulation tool lets the user create a simulation cable based on physics, materials and geometric measures, and the perform measurements on the simulation cable. The results are provided as a regular LIRA measurement, and can be used as a reference case when analysis of the actual cable measurements are performed.
  • Script Manager
    LIRA can be run in automated mode where a script controls when measurements are to be made as well as all the regular parameters that is set when a regular measurement is performed. This tool is useful when trending of the cable impedance is needed over time. E.g. a research project looking into cable ageing effects over temperature cycling will find this feature useful in order to keep full control of the data acqusition.
  • Data Transfer
    The data transfer function is designed to exchange measurement data, projects and/or cables between different computers running LIRA.

A Breakthrough in cable assessment