LIRA Acquire

LIRA Acquire!

The LIRA Acquire is the data collecting hardware from Wirescan. The unit is small in size, flexible in use and provides measurement data to any computer running the LIRA software.

LIRA Acquire together with the LIRA software provides a powerful cable condition assessment and fault location tool, suitable for almost any electrical cable design ranging from less than 50 meters to hundreds of kilometers.

The LIRA Acquire was designed to ease access in confined spaces such as high voltage switch gear and terminations. It comprises three measurement ports which allows the user to connect to, and perform measurements on three phases without disconnecting any equipment. In addition to these features, the LIRA Acquire can be controlled and powered over Ethernet. This enables the user to set up the LIRA Acquire and connect it to the cable under test and perform measuremens from up to 100 meters away from the test site. Such features can be very useful when testing cables in harsh environments, confined spaces and of course rough weather conditions.


LIRA Acquire main features:

  • Small size (217x118x28 mm without padding)
  • Light weight (0.81 kg, 1.79 lb without padding)
  • Corner padding with magnets
  • Improved electronics
  • CE-approved

LIRA Acquire connection ports:

  • Three BNC type measurement ports
  • USB controller port
  • Ethernet controller port (PoE available)
  • Power connection, connects to power supply or external power bank.

The Kit Contains:

  • LIRA Acquire
  • Power supply (USB output)
  • Power supply cable (USB to power plug)
  • USB communication cable
  • Corner paddings
  • Measurements probes (short + long)
  • Crocodile clamps
  • User guide / quick guide
  • Heavy duty carry case


Please contact Vidar Bergli,, to get a quote.

• Small size• Enables access to cinfined spaces with short probes
• Light weight, appox 2 kg for complete kit• Easy transportation and possible to hand carry on flights
• Runs on battery, Power over Ethernet or AC powered• Possibility for battery connection and operation for measurements in remote locations
• Rugged design, IP67• Measurements possible in harsh environments
• External computer• Works together with any computer running the LIRA software
• Three measurement ports• Possibility to measure three phases without disconnection

A Breakthrough in cable assessment