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    Wirescan’s cloud-based cable condition data allows the operator to monitor his network and tailor an array of tools and services based on his needs.
    Wirescan’s systems are easy to install and to commission.  Depending on the operator’s preferences, Wirescan, a local partner or the customer himself can do the actual installation, Wirescan is also able to offer training for this purpose.
    To get started, we use Wirescan’s Digital Offline tool to carry out a portfolio review.  The data from this review are uploaded to the cloud.  Based on
    the overall network condition, a selection of cables to be monitored online is made and sensors are installed on these cables.
    Following the sensor installation, the system is ready, and monitoring can start.  It is important to remember that the initial portfolio review measurements are available in the cloud and constitutes a basis for future extensions of the system.

    For the initial portfolio review measurements, less than 30 minutes is spent on each cable.  For the sensor installation, from two hours up to one day is required per cable depending on practical conditions.

    In conclusion, all Wirescan needs to enable condition-based monitoring of the operator’s cable network is access to the network.

    Wirescan GO!

    The Wirescan GO! enables operators to collect the raw data needed to perform a complete Wirescan assessment of the cable under test. Wirescan GO! consists of our data collection hardware and our refurbished, easy to use and automatic software. The package makes it fast and efficient to collect data, it only takes a few minutes. Together with the Wirescan GO!, all customers get one-year free access and use of the Wirescan Digital Offline platform.

    Wirescan GO! highlights

    • Small size, lightweight hardware
    • Automated software making data collection fast and easy
    • Instant results for instant value.
    • Optional connection to the Wirescan Digital Offline solution

    Wirescan Digital Offline

    A cloud-based solution enabling cable owners and operators to centralize all their Wirescan GO! data in one place. This opens a whole new world of cable condition assessment where complete portfolio reviews are easily made, your data is always accessible, and your system is always updated with the latest features and functionality.

    Wirescan Digital Offline highlights:

    • Complete cable portfolio review with software tools making it easy to store, sort, evaluate, and prioritize cable maintenance based on actual cable condition.
    • Strong decision support tool enabling better control of operational risk, resources and OPEX.
    • A centralized, and paperless solution taking you one step closer to a digitalized and condition-based maintenance solution.

    Wirescan Digital Online

    Representing a revolution in online cable condition monitoring, the Wirescan Digital Online collects cable condition data in real-time while the cable is in operation. The system relies on Wirescan’s patented sensor system and analysis algorithms, which allow the system to safely monitor the cable without any operational disturbances. The collected data is transported to the same cloud infrastructure as the offline solution to make sure operators have all their cable condition data gathered in the same place fully updated.

    Wirescan Digital Online highlights:

    • Online cable condition monitoring. Plug and play, let our automatic system take care of measurements, data storage, and analysis. Threst is handled by our powerful cloud infrastructure.
    • Notification system. Our flexible system allows the operator to easily set up a customized reporting schedule to receive status reports, change indicators, and alerts based on actual cable condition data.
    • Fast fault location. With permanently installed sensors, a cable fault can be detected and located within minutes after the incident.

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