Power transmission

Today operators focus on securing superior technology for cable condition monitoring and fault finding. Consequence and necessary corrective action caused by accidental mechanical impact can be assessed more accurately by performing LIRA measurements to see if the dielectric properties are changed.

  • Enables high availability at reduced total cost of ownership by delaying investments (CAPEX) and provides guidelines for efficient maintenance (OPEX).
  • Survey to reveal which cables to be replaced and why.
  • Cut and replace part of cables in use (as alternative to full replacement).
  • Creation of historic data file with reference measurements in recurring service agreement
  • Direct link to expertise for in depth analysis, diagnostics and technical support.

Here a Service Contract for monitoring of cables secures the best possible service assuring availability of staff and spares as well as short response times.

Cables with no indications are immediately signed off with a standard report prepared on site.

Cables showing suspicious features are further analyzed at Wirescans offices.

The result of the carried out assessments will be evaluated and combined in a report of recommendations for short- and mid-term measures including required materials.

Expert’s opinion on operational risk based on expected remaining life time under consideration of future maintenance scenarios can be given on request.

Cable monitoring contracts thus minimize the operational risk to a calculable factor – and it can easily be extended to other asset clusters of the power grid.

A Breakthrough in cable assessment