Oil and gas

Increasingly operators are looking for subsea electrical applications with long step-outs distances which can lead to higher risks of inadequate performance or even more down time. To minimize these risks Wirescan provides advanced modelling, simulation and condition based monitoring of the power umbilical systems to be deployed.

Fault-free operations require highest quality and respectively quality control during manufacturing and installation. Wirescan’s fault finding services with LIRA, is the best available technology today.

Topside drive systems to DDMs, DPS and with long subsea cable runs are complex and difficult to monitor. Especially when the only way to reduce the down-time due to a cable failure is achieved by constantly assessing the cables to generate a trend history.

Wirescan has developed the LIRA technology based on strict requirements of the O&G industry. Under the PETROMAKS program supported by the Research Council of Norway, Shell and StatoilHydro performed pilot tests with LIRA on the 120km long Ormen Lange power umbilical.

In short, Wirescan complies with the highest cable-specific requirements on quality measurements, design and operation of Subsea Umbilicals.

A Breakthrough in cable assessment