Cable manufacturers

Wirescan’s long track record and understanding of cables and umbilical systems allow us to collaborate closely with companies who develop and produce cables.

The LIRA technology is a unique method to detect all deteriorations and their severity which might have been induced during manufacturing.

The advantage of the LIRA technology derives from the fact that, unlike other diagnostic systems for cables, it can be performed in situ without disconnecting the cable. The test requires only a single access point. The analysis of results can account for the effects of loads attached to the cable and it can accurately identify the site of localized degradation.

LIRA Benefits


  • Delivers decision support to the development group in the context of actionable information when it comes to the choice of materials, insulation quality, section geometry, etc.
  • Provides trending using patented models to perform correlations on both measured and simulated data.


  • Procurement and purchasing of cable components:
    – Component acceptance test
    – Condition control
  • Production:
    – Post cable systems manufacture
    – Condition control
    – Final Acceptance Test, FAT
    – Condition control
  • At loadout to installation vessel:
    – Pre loadout test
    – Post loadout test

A Breakthrough in cable assessment