LIRA Remote

Project goal

The LIRA Remote project will enable total integration and automation of the LIRA technology into new and existing power network components.


The LIRA Remote application is suitable for any cable considered critical for normal operation of any power network. Given the comprehensive condition assessment provided by the LIRA software, the LIRA Remote system will provide cable owners and operators, insurance companies, and last but not least, the end customers additional security and reliability regarding the supply of electricity.

The LIRA Remote product will allow for ad hoc LIRA measurements on the most critical cables in your power network with full management of downtime.

Imagine full LIRA condition assessment whenever needed. Power down, switch on, collect data and switch back on-line. The collected data can be assessed offline while the power network is back on-line, and downtime due to cable condition assessment is reduced to the minimum.

Project outline

The project is seeking development partners in the following disciplines:

  • Hardware
    In order to realize the solution, Wirescan is depending on one, or more, solid hardware development partner.
  • Software
    The main topics for software development are related to networking, component control and data a
  • Piloting
    A curious and technology led piloting partner will be crucial in order to bring the concept from the drawing boards to the field. Do you have an interesting test site where Wirescan and LIRA can provide a difference in regards to operation, downtime management and of course a showcase window for the system, then we would like to hear from you!


Morten Huseby
General Manager
Tlf: +47 957 43 470

LIRA Remote

A Breakthrough in cable assessment