LIRA Power

Project Goal

The LIRA Power project will enable full LIRA based condition assessment of on-line and energized cables.


The LIRA Power product applies to all cables considered critical for normal operation of any power network. The LIRA Power application can be considered as a 24/7 system continuously monitoring the LIRA based condition of the cable, or cables under assessment. Condition assessment downtime is effectively eliminated by having on-line access to critical cable parameters.

The LIRA Remote product will allow for ad hoc LIRA measurements on the most critical cables in your power network with no downtime. The system will be fully remotely controlled, it can be interfaced to existing monitoring protocols, and it needs no mobilization of personnel.

E.g. operators of, and customers connected to a power network lacking redundancy due to long cables or expensive construction, can suffer if downtime is not managed. With the LIRA Power system crucial link/cable/network parameters can be monitored 24/7, compared with historical data and provide a solid decision basis for the cable operator/owner. Such data will be fundamental for preventive maintenance, which ultimately will lead to improved downtime management.

Project outline

The project is currently applying for funding through the Norwegian Research Council program EnergiX.

Wirescan is the project owner while the following companies are contributing to the project:

  • SINTEF, R&D partner
  • TBA, funding partner
  • Siemens, supporting partner
  • Schlumberger, funding partner
  • Draka / Prysmian, supporting partner
  • Total, TBA

The timeline for the R&D-project is two years starting January 2016. In parallel to the R&D-project, Wirescan will utilize early results and initiate a product development project in order to have a pilot system up and running within 2017.

Brief description of timeline.

  • Q1, 2016 – Q4, 2017, R&D activities
  • Q3, 2016 – Q4, 2016, Pilot planning
  • Q1, 2017 – Q4, 2017, Piloting, testing and improvements
  • Q3, 2017 – Q2, 2018, Industrialization and commercialization



Morten Huseby
General Manager
Tlf: +47 957 43 470

LIRA Power

A Breakthrough in cable assessment