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LIRA cable condition assessment post installation of subsea cable in the UK

Wirescan is proud to announce that we have received an order from a major wind energy operator, for a LIRA cable condition assessment on two offshore wind subsea cables post installation. One of the test is to perform a condition assessment to identify potential damages occurred during the installation phase, and the other test is to perform a condition assessment and have a fingerprint measurements for future condition monitoring and fault location.

LIRA Acquire to TSO in Switzerland

Wirescan has sold the unique LIRA Acquire system to a TSO in Switzerland, who will use the LIRA unit for cable condition assessment and monitoring, and for cable fault location on their underground and subsea cables. The LIRA system is a non-destructive, cable diagnostic system that identifies and locates any impedance change along the cable, in addition to provide valuable information on the global condition of the cable. This is very valuable as data input in decision making during a cable replacement regime of ols cables.

Purchase order for LIRA Acquire from Portugal

Wirescan is pleased to announce that we have received a purchase order for LIRA Acquire from a company in Portugal working with renewable energy. The unit will be provided as soon as possible, and Wirescan will perform a three day LIRA training for the operators. The unit will be used as a cable diagnostic tool for cable condition assessment and monitoring, and cable fault location.

LIRA cable condition assessment on an offshore wind export cable outside Denmark

Wirescan has performed a LIRA fingerprint test on a 43km subsea power cable connecting an offshore wind farm in Denmark to the Danish power grid. The LIRA test was performed from both the onshore and offshore substation, and the result will be used as a reference for future condition monitoring or fault location. This first test at the start of operation, provides the cable owner with valuable information of the cable condition after installation, and it is the first test towards monitoring the cable condition, to identify changes and damages that potentially could result in a cable break-down, before it happens.

LIRA cable fault location on subsea cable in Scotland

Wirescan has recently performed a cable fault location campaign on a subsea cable in Scotland. Wirescan urgently mobilized to support the cable owner in their fault location campaign, and the LIRA test accurately identified and located the fault in the cable. This information will support the cable owner in their cable repair campaign, and supporting them to get hold of the correct equipment for repairing the cable.

LIRA test on a power from shore HVAC cable in Norway

Wirescan has recently performed a condition assessment on a 100km long HVAC cable from Norway to an offshore oil platform outside Norway. The test was performed from both sides of the cable, and compared with a similar test performed four years ago. The intention of the test was to identify any development in the cable that could potentially result in a break-down, and loss of production offshore. The test did not show any changes compared to the last test, which provided the cable owner valuable information to their risk management process.

LIRA fault location campaign on an offshore wind inter array cable outside England

Wirescan has performed a fault location test on an offshore wind inter array cable offshore UK. Wirescan did not have a reference measurement from this cable, but could still very accurately locate the fault area, which was close to one of the turbines. Even though we could identify the fault very accurately in this case without a previous fingerprint, it is always recommended to make a LIRA reference/fingerprint test of all cable assets, as it will enable Wirescan to also identify faults which is not so easy to spot without a reference.

Wirescan performed LIRA test on Danish underground cables with cross bonding joints

Wirescan has performed a successful LIRA cable condition assessment tests on a Danish underground cable to a Danish offshore wind farm. The underground cable consisted of 29 joints with cross bonding, and the LIRA test successfully presented a cable signature where all the joints were clearly visible.

Our customer now has a very good reference of the cable condition, which can be used for future trend monitoring and fault location.