About Us

In the early 2000’s, the Halden Reactor Project (HRP) at the Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) saw the need for a non-destructive cable testing technology in order to perfrom cable characterizations without running any risk of dstroying the Cable Under Test (CUT). A evelopment project was initiated, and after a couple of years of research and developemnt, the first Line Resonance Analysis (LIRA) system was ready for testing. After series of successfull tests, IFE decided to commercialize the technology and in October 2005, Wirecan AS established.

The first versions of the LIRA system was based on National Instruments (NI) hardware and software. This system was the basis for both commercial and technological development in the following years. Even though the functionality of the NI system was sufficient to demonstrate and prove the technology, it was bulky and not very travel friendly, which proved to be more and more important as the customer base quickly grew on an international basis. This led to a hardware development project which resulted in the LIRA Portable. The LIRA Portable has since its introduction to the market travelled all continents and provided customers with valuable cable information. All the way from the cold North-East Russian Island Sakhalin via offshore Angola, Germany and Philippines to the domestic US, the LIRA technology is being used in many different industries such as oil exploration, offshore wind, smart grid, power transmission and nuclear based power generation.

Today, Wirescan is still pushing the LIRA technology to customers in need of a thorough cable condition assessment tool. The product portfolio has increased, now including the LIRA Acquire, and with focus on growing through domestic and international partners, Wirescan can cover more ground utilizing local intelligence to target new customers.

The LIRA Power project is the main development project within Wirescan. Together with SINTEF, the project will explore technological and commercial possibilities regarding condition monitoring of on-line and energized cables. Such system will represent a significant shift in the cable condition monitoring market, since there is no other system in the market today that can compare to LIRA. Please see the LIRA Power project page for more information.

The main developer behind the LIRA technology, Mr. Paolo F. Fantoni, has followed and conducted the development from the HRP days, and is still relentlessly exploring new possibilities, improving algorithms and travels worldwide to present is work. Mr. Fantoni is the CTO of Wirescan and part of the management team.

The management team consists of CEO Morten Huseby, CTO Paolo F. Fantoni, VP Sales Vidar Bergli and Field Service Manager Darren Waring. See the contact page for more details on how to reach us!