LIRA cable condition assessment on an offshore wind export cable outside Denmark

Wirescan has performed a LIRA fingerprint test on a 43km subsea power cable connecting an offshore wind farm in Denmark to the Danish power grid. The LIRA test was performed from both the onshore and offshore substation, and the result will be used as a reference for future condition monitoring or fault location. This first test at the start of operation, provides the cable owner with valuable information of the cable condition after installation, and it is the first test towards monitoring the cable condition, to identify changes and damages that potentially could result in a cable break-down, before it happens.

LIRA cable fault location on subsea cable in Scotland

Wirescan has recently performed a cable fault location campaign on a subsea cable in Scotland. Wirescan urgently mobilized to support the cable owner in their fault location campaign, and the LIRA test accurately identified and located the fault in the cable. This information will support the cable owner in their cable repair campaign, and supporting them to get hold of the correct equipment for repairing the cable.