LIRA umbilical integrity management during the supply and installation phase

Wirescan has received a PO for LIRA unit rental from an international oil service company which will use the LIRA system to perform LIRA condition integrity management on the electrical elements in an umbilical that will be installed in West Africa.

It is the oil and gas operator which has specified that the LIRA non-destructive system should be used during the supply and installation phase. Wirescan will travel to the umbilical manufacturing site and perform the first LIRA tests to establish a reference signature of the electrical elements. The the service company will participate in a LIRA training at the Wirescan premises in Norway, and perform LIRA tests after loud-out to the transportation vessel, after re-spooling to the installation vessel, and after the umbilical has been laid on the sea bed.

All the tests will be compared to secure that the cable condition has not been compromised during the different phases of handling the cable. If the cable condition has been changed, it will show up in the LIRA tests, and it will be easy to allocate the responsible subcontractor which caused the damage.

Wirescan continues the LIRA cable aging management campaign at Swiss nuclear power plant

Wirescan will in August continue their LIRA cable aging management campaign at a Swiss nuclear power plant. This will be the fifth year that Wirescan travels to the nuclear power plant and perform LIRA test on the critical cables inside the plant.

The test will both be a cable condition assessment on cables that have not been tested before, an a cable aging management on cables that have been tested several times. The customer is using the LIRA tests to establish a cable condition database, to give them valuable information on when a cable needs repair or replacement.