LIRA Power Project kick-off

The LIRA Power project is now rolling.

SINTEF has started the work on evaluating different solutions that can allow measurements on on-line and energized cables in the future.

The project kick-off was held on the 14th and 15th of April. The project group included SINTEF resources from ICT, Energy and communication systems. Together with SINTEF and Wirescan was a Siemens and Schlumberger representative.

LIRA cable condition assessment and monitoring in German North Sea

Wirescan has received several purchase orders for LIRA cable condition assessment and cable condition monitoring from a German TSO. Wirescan will perform the LIRA tests on their subsea HVDC and HVAC cables connecting the German offshore wind farms to the German high voltage grid. We have performed LIRA tests on these cables for several years, and establish a cable condition trend on the cables, so the customer gets early warning on damages under development, and can perform accurate fault location.

Our customer understands the value of performing a LIRA non-destructive test on their cable assets as part of their cable integrity management system.