Dutch cable installation company to use the LIRA® Portable as quality assurance during cable installation

Wirescan has received a PO for the LIRA Portable from a Dutch cable installation company. They will purchase and use the LIRA Portable during cable installation after a LIRA test successfully detected and located a cable damage that occurred during installation. The LIRA fault location was very accurate, and the cable could quickly be cut and repaired in the correct location.

In addition the LIRA system can be used for quality assurance during an installation campaign, to ensure for the installation company and the end client, that the cable has not suffered any damaged during installation.

UK transmission system owner orders LIRA® test on interconnector cable

Wirescan has today received a PO for a LIRA test on a 260 km interconnector cable in Northern Europe. The power cable will be tested during an outage in the autumn of 2015. Wirescan will perform the LIRA tests from both ends of the cable, perform an analyses of the results, and provide a report on the condition of the cable and recommendations moving forward.

This PO is yet another recognition of the unique LIRA system for cable condition assessment, cable condition monitoring and cable fault location. The LIRA system is a non-destructive test, and will detect and locate impedance changes along the cable. These impedance changes could be known joints, or other global or local degradation of the cable insulation caused by harsh environment conditions.

The LIRA system has successfully been used for condition assessment, condition monitoring and fault location on several other interconnectors around the globe.