Wirescan to perform LIRA® cable condition monitoring during installation of high voltage power from shore cable in the North Sea

Wirescan has today received a PO from a Scandinavian cable manufacturer to perform LIRA measurements during the installation steps of a high voltage power cable to be installed in the Norwegian North Sea.

Wirescan will travel to the manufacturer site and perform LIRA measurements before and after load-out to the installation vessel. The cable will be supplied in two separate lengths, later to be spliced together. LIRA measurements will therefore be performed during two campaigns at the manufacturer’s site.

Wirescan will then travel to the Norwegian installation site several times to perform LIRA tests after pull-in to shore, after jointing of the two lengths, after rock-dumping and before/after high voltage tests. All the Wirescan measurements will be compared to secure the integrity of the cable during the transportation and installation campaign.

This LIRA campaign is initiated by the end client, and will provide valuable proof for the client that the integrity of this critical power-from-shore cable is maintained during the whole process. The final test after installation will be used as a reference of the cable condition for future cable condition monitoring and potential cable fault location.


LIRA® to be used offshore Angola

Wirescan has today received a PO from an international oil and gas installation company for LIRA measurements during installation of several umbilicals offshore Angola.

The scope of work is to perform LIRA measurements before and after a re-spooling of the umbilicals in Angola, to be stand-by during the installation period in case of incidents during installation, and finally perform a LIRA test of the installed umbilicals. The final test will be used as a reference for future condition monitoring, and for potential fault location. The tests are initiated by the end client, and is a proof that LIRA is being accepted as a unique cable diagnostic system during the entire life time of the cable.

The LIRA cable diagnostic system accurately locates a damage or a fault in a cable, to help the cable owner to cut the cable in the correct place. In addition the LIRA system can be used for quality assurance during an installation campaign, to secure for the installation company and the end client, that the cable has not been damaged during installation.